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We all communicate all the time, but are we really reaching our counterparts?

In our new, complex world we need a new communication skillset. As a fundraiser and actress, I know the power and magic of a sophisticated speech and strong storytelling. My greatest joy is to pass on this knowledge.



...zum Chemie-
Abgleich. Bin ich die Richtige? Das finden wir gerne gemeinsam heraus.



Communication has been my passion for over 20 years. My first profession, acting, provides the creative foundation for your storytelling - the emotional as well as strategic charging of an issue, concern or purpose. 

 As a Black German woman and activist, I provide an important, contemporary and modern perspective that I combine with my diverse professional experiences and skills. With my professional knowledge, creativity and the power of empathy, I help you to actually reach people with your project and win them over to the cause.


About Sign Of The Timez

SoTT is a creative communication agency for small and big communicative tasks and regards itself as a network company. 

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging as well as Human Social Responsibility are core competences that can be used in a targeted manner. 


creative, because creativity is a very special power to reach and take people with you. 

human, because people and humanity should be the central element in every entrepreneurial action. The more the human being is seen and understood before the entrepreneurial ambition, the more successful the enterprise.  

social, because a social commitment to a society sustains the society. With the "All-Profit-Spirit", client and contractor enter into a win-win cycle of cooperation with added social value.  

We rely on clear messages and an emphatic approach in the conviction that all communicative challenges are thus better accepted and release positive forces and potentials. Sensory intelligence is a central tool with which targeted and holistic measures are approached and elaborated in order to pick up people in their diverse ways of receiving and processing information.

Sign Of The Timez is an invitation to everyone who finds themselves here, feels seen or

take courage to go new ways.



Araba Pilic

About the history: Co-founder is Ama Walton. Since 2022, the company has been continued by Araba Pilic.

sensory intelligence

sensory intelligence


Sign Of The Timez meets Leaders von Morgen

We are delighted to have worked with the great team at Von Morgen and are proud about our guest article on the topic of inclusive leadership - for the shapers of the future. 



Thank you for your message. Your topic has arrived. Sincerely, Sign Of The Timez

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