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About Araba Pilic

If you want to know who is behind the name on an informal level, here is an attempt at self-reflection. For my CV please click here.

For me, work and life cannot be separated. Therefore I want to use it in a meaningful and fulfilling way. In doing so, I want to be active, but not optimisation-minded and see true development in the ability of self-love and self-reflection - a breeding ground for openness, understanding, authenticity and generosity in one another.

The artist in me consciously acts playfully, because creativity and creation have a high creative power in themselves. I also love to think deeply about problems, taking the matter very seriously, but not too seriously myself. 

As the daughter of an international extended family, I have experienced all dimensions of human diversity for over 40 years. This, combined with a large heterogeneous circle of friends, has taught me to understand and respect both conformist and non-conformist ways of thinking. The exchange with a large, cross-sector network and their multi-layered ways of thinking always inspires me to rethink the familiar and pick up on new trends. 

Sensory intelligence is one of my core principles when approaching assignments. In doing so, I consciously and purposefully use my senses for my counseling perspective. The all-profit spirit means thinking in the plural, in the sense of a team, and in the context of social responsibility. This is one of the reasons why, in addition to my consulting work, I still work for and with the Menschen für Menschen Foundation. 


Without humour, a chosen cheerfulness and the intention to spread joy wherever possible, nothing works for me - this is my balance and survival strategy at the same time, because life is bumpy enough. Authenticity is just as important to me. For example, "having a bad day" means being allowed to live it without a guilty conscience, as long as you deal responsibly with your surroundings.


And last but not least: I don't communicate B2B or B2C, but H2H: From Human to Human. Because behind (almost) every status or title, every decision or measure, there is a human being who wants to be seen. That's what I like to do, to "see" people. 


Because, it may sound banal, but it's true: people interest me. People move me. I believe in people.

Best regards

Araba Pilic


Araba Pilic is an actress, fundraising expert and diversity manager. For almost 20 years, she has campaigned for anti-racism and diversity in the media narrative and dedicated herself to Afro-diasporic and anti-racist topics, for example in collaboration with author Grada Kilomba ("Plantation Memories") and director Uisenma Borchu ("At night, when the sun shone for me").  

After graduating from the ArtsEd School of Acting, spending several years in London and working as an actress for many years, she has been supporting the change process at the Menschen für Menschen Foundation since 2015. Her responsibilities there include the key account management of major donations, cooperations, the creation of image films and event management. As a communication expert and diversity manager, she works on contemporary language and imagery in fundraising, among other things. 

She worked for the Berlin event agency 24/7 GmbH and was responsible for the recruiting of the usability consultant agency Relevantive as head of department.

Araba volunteers as an advisory board member for the film production Panthertainment, which tells stories from the perspective of POC, and as a jury member of the German Fundraising Award. She is also a member of networks such as Künstler mit Herz and BlackWomxnMatter.

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