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In our new, complex world, making speech simple and successful for everyone.


My first profession, acting, provides the creative foundation for your storytelling - the emotional as well as strategic charging of an issue, concern or purpose. 

As a Black German woman and activist, I provide an important, contemporary and modern perspective that I combine with my diverse professional experiences and skills. With my professional knowledge, creativity and the power of empathy, I help you to actually reach people with your project and win them over to the cause. In the network, we trainers and experts constantly exchange information about the best approaches and possibilities and pass on the best insights to you.


Sensory intelligence

All seven senses inherent in the human being are activated and used in the counselling or training process. The ratio, which is dominant in our society, is integrated into the process instead of being hierarchically placed at the top. Likewise, the various forms of intelligence find room to develop their potential as well as traditional knowledge and spirituality. The holistic approach is attuned to the needs of a diverse society and enables deeper, innovative value creation. The aim is to perceive and pick you up in your uniqueness in order to build an effective connection with the recipients.

The human in the center

All communication is tailored to your target group with a precise eye, because different people with equally different needs need this precise approach in order to be reached - because they then feel seen. Appropriate, clear communication can trigger the desired savings or help to encourage people to participate in and support change processes. Authenticity in the approach is a key element here.

Identity is a superpower

We see the potential in all identities - and help to unfold it. This makes people and organisations more diverse, humane, attractive and at the same time more effective and successful.

Looking ahead by looking into the past

Valuable knowledge lies dormant in every person and every company, and it must be put to good use. In order to lift, use and pass on valuable knowledge treasures, we take the distillate of traditions and many years of experience and transfer them into today. 

On the pulse of time

My diverse professional experience and community activities create access to and close exchange with a wide range of industries, networks, experts and thought leaders, which I can use to your advantage. My creative professional experience, closeness to pop culture and sense of aesthetics make the consulting perspective and the training modern and forward-looking.

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